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Roosevelt High School Class of '42
Virginia, Minnesota

Note from Kathie Pontinen Hazlett:
The phrase "small world" fits -- again!

Myra Eder, local writer and blogger, once mentioned in her column that she had roots in Virginia, Minnesota. You can imagine my pleasure to be able to speak with her at the Prairie State College Jazz Festival Friday night (2009?). We exchanged a few dates and names and locations and with a little archival digging unearthed this amazing coincidence. Her Uncle Rolland and my dad, Wilbert Pontinen, graduated from the same high school class in Virginia, Minnesota. Below are the worse-for-wear yearbook pages and photos from 1942. (click on the image to enlarge or use the small menu -- above, right)

I'll be going through the photos from Virginia to post more later.

Rolland Walt, Uncle of Myra Sharon Eder

"Debonair musician and orator"

Rolland Walt

Rolland Walt Page Rolland Walt

Wilbert Pontinen, father of Kathleen Pontinen Hazlett

"Smile-provoking harmonica melodist."

Dad's Yearbook Picture

Roosevelt High School Class of 42 Page