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The Pontinens and the story of ...

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Here's the content of an article cut out and saved from a newspaper.

Jack Pontinens Observe 25th Anniversary at Church Program and Informal Reception (not dated).

Approximately two hundred Virginia, Ely, Mountain Iron and Eveleth persons gathered at the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church Monday evening to honor Mr. and Mrs. A. J. "Jack" Pontinen, 1208 Second Avenue South, on occasion of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. Pontinen lived in Brookston, Minnesota, for a short time after their marriage in Duluth, and then came to Virginia where they have resided continuously since that time. Mr. Pontinen is an employee at the Junnila Clothing store and Mrs. Pontinen is employed as a nurse in the office of Dr. C. E. Goodman, local physician.

They are the parents of four children: Wilbert and John at Galion, Ohio; Muriel, a student at the Northwestern Hospital school of nursing., Minneapolis; and William a Virginia Junior College student.

Mr. and Mrs. Pontinen were escored into the church .... more details regarding the decor, and events of the evening.

Finnish Church Confirmation Sunday Morning (not dated but c 1936)

A class of 39 children will be confirmed at services Sunday morning at 9:30 o'clock at the Finnish Lutheran church. Mrs. Victor Kuusisto will play the processional hymn and during the service the church choir under the direction of Jack Anderson will sing. A program to be presented by members of the class will be held in the afternoon at 2 o'clock and will include scripture reading, songs by the class, poems, recitations, and brief talks.

Confirmands include: .... Wilbert Ananias Pontinen .... etc.

Draft List (not dated)

One hundred and twenty men, selected by the Virginia draft board will report to Fort Snelling on Sunday, Oct. 24*. They will leave Virginia at 10:30 in the morning. This constitutes the 74th call from the Virginia board since its establishment and consists mainly of married men and eighteen-year-olds.

VIRGINIA -- Paul Stickney, transfer from Los Angeles, California; Harry Monteith, Barney Irwin, ... etc ... Wilbert Pontinen ... etc.

*October 24 was on a Sunday in 1943. Dad would have been 18.

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